Warm Season Activities

Spring, summer and fall are all unique here in Leavenworth, WA. In the spring, the Wenatchee River Valley bursts with blossoms as pears, apples and cherries come into bloom. The hills are covered in wildflowers, and here at our house we are carpeted with golden yellow balsam root, followed by bright purple Lupine and orange Indian Paintbrush!   You can expect temperatures to be in the low 70’s. As summer approaches, the hills turn a golden brown and the water and air temperatures begin to rise, and melting snow turns the rivers into awesome white water for rafting, kayaking, tubing or paddle boarding. Temperatures are in the upper 80’s to low 90’s. Fall brings the temperatures back down into the 70’s, and harvest season commences, as those apples and pears begin to show up at numerous fruit stands in the area. You can go horseback riding, zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, fishing, play golf, go boating, and much more. Here are some links to ideas on things to do during the warmer months:

Leavenworth Chamber of Commerce
Blue Sky Outfitters

The Mountains
Leavenworth has some of the most stunning mountains in North America. From our guest rooms you can view peaks that are over 8,000 feet tall! The trailheads are all very close by, including the one to The Enchantments, which is only 15 minutes from our place. Not only is there National Forest land where you can hike, horseback ride, rock climb, trail run, mountain bike or just walk and relax, but also federally designated Wilderness Regions where you can do some serious backcountry exploring. Here’s a link for more information.

Leavenworth Golf Club
If you play golf, you will love this course. It’s open to the public and has wonderful fairways that run along side the Wenatchee River, and most have views of the mountains. Here’s a link.

The Rivers & Lakes
The Wenatchee River is the heart of our valley and the source of many recreational activities, including swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, tubing and white-water rafting. You also have great fishing for salmon (in season), and trout fishing on the Icicle River, which feeds into the Wenatchee River. Not far from town are Lake Wenatchee and Fish Lake, both excellent for boating, sailing, canoeing and fishing. Here’s a link for Lake Wenatchee. Here’s a link for Fish Lake.

Fly Fishing
The Wenatchee River Valley area is famous for fly fishing, from high-mountain alpine lakes to valley rivers & streams to area lakes, there is an abundance of choices.   If you are seeking an experienced guide, or perhaps you want to try fly fishing for the very first time, our friends at Northwest Fly Fishing Academy are here to help you!  Here’s their link.    Also, the Icicle Valley Chapter #391 of Trout Unlimited is very active here in Leavenworth, and in fact is one of the most active in the country.  Here’s their link.

Mountain Biking
Leavenworth has some world-class mountain biking, with options for beginners to experts. Here are some links to explore:

Steven’s Pass Bike Park
Das Rad Haus
Adventure Wenatchee
Wenatchee Outdoors

The Audubon Society considers this area as the best in the State of Washington for viewing birds, and we agree! We are located in a very unique climate zone, so the variety of bird species here is simply amazing.   From the White Headed Woodpecker, Evening Grosbeak, Osprey, Bald Eagle to the Spotted Towhee and Western Tanager, we are blessed with an amazing variety of species. Check out this website for more information.